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The Novel Frankenstein is as relevant and terrifying today as it was when it was first published in 1818

The Novel Frankenstein is as relevant and terrifying today as it was when it was first published in 1818 The story of Frankenstein was first written by Mary Shelley as a challenge from her friend Lord Byron while in Geneva on holiday with her husband Percy Shelley. The challenge was for each of them to write a horror story. Mary Shelley took up this challenge and Frankenstein was born. She started the story in 1817 and it is thought she took many ideas from Percy Shelley's Prometheus Unbound and most of Frankenstein became based on the limitations of being a human being. That same evening the three had a discussion about the principals of life, going to bed on the thoughts of the Prometheus Unbound and the thinking about the principals of life, Mary Shelley had a dream about Frankenstein and then the next day she announced to her two male friends that she had begun writing the story 'Frankenstein'. There are three different narrators in the play; these narrators are Robert Walton, who narrates the four letters at the start of the book, Victor Frankenstein who narrates the book and also Victor's Monster.Manuscript page from Frankenstein by Mary ShelleyThe use of Robert Walton is effective as it sets up the scene for Victor's story and it is through Victor's story that we learn about the monster. Through this Mary Shelley is able to put her views across to the reader.A key chapter in the story is chapter 5, it is in this chapter that Frankenstein creates the monster and brings it to life. To make this chapter stand out as terrifying she sets the scene to engross the reader then she keeps the reader hooked with terror, to introduce this terror at the beginning of chapter 5 Mary Shelley writes, "Already one in the morning, dark and raining candle nearly burnt out, a dreamy November night" this sets the scene...

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Lean management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Lean management - Essay Example r strategy assists firms to get rid of the issues associated with excessive inventory, which is very common with the traditional make to stock strategy. Dell Computers is an example of a corporation that employs the MTO production strategy. The Assemble to Order (ATO) is also a business production strategy by which quick actions are taken on orders placed by customers, and these products are customizable to a certain extent. Under this production strategy, the basic parts of the products are already built but not assembled yet. Once the customer places an order, these parts are assembled quickly to deliver products that are customized to the buyer’s specifications. It is to be noted that the ATO strategy is a hybrid between the make-to-order strategy and the make-to-stock strategy. Finally, the Make to Stock (MTS) is a traditional business strategy used by organizations to match production with consumer demand forecasts. Under this strategy, particular stock levels are maintained to meet the forecasted demand levels. This business production strategy can be efficient only if the product demand is forecasted accurately. However, inaccurate demand forecasts would end up in financial losses resulting from excessive inventory or stockouts. Fleuren, H., Hertog, D & Kort, P. (2006). Operations Research Proceedings 2004: Selected Papers of the Annual International Conference of the German Operations Research Society. US: Springer Science & Business

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Security Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Security Systems - Essay Example A Firewall is effective at protecting one's computer. Firewall sets limits to the allowable access point of users and it restricts the users from entering those sites that are suspected to be harmful. It also blocks malicious sites from opening up; this is done to ensure that the threats are unable to enter into one's computer system. Another type of security system is the virus protection software. In installing this type of software it is important to constantly update its features, most importantly the current virus definition as it tends to change from time to time (Reardon, 2001). Actually, there are a lot of anti-virus products offered online but before one would opt to purchase it, factors like the source or the company offering it as well as the over-all product features must be taken into consideration. Upon using technological gadgets like computers, it is always vital to take the necessary precautions. Installing an antivirus software or turning on the firewall does not ta ke a lot of energy, it only requires a person to click the button of a mouse. By doing this one is guaranteed of protection.

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Muet preparation Essay Example for Free

Muet preparation Essay Task A – Individual presentation Given the situation, you now have:  · 2 minutes to prepare your responses  · 2 minutes to present Tips:  · Study the scenario or topic given carefully  · Double check which candidate you are (A, B, C, D) to make sure you don’t prepare another candidate’s speech  · Make sure you don’t run out of topic  · Prepare 2 to 3 points to present on  · You MUST agree with the point that is given to you (you can disagree or favor another point in Task B)  · Make full use of the 2 minutes that you have. Don’t go less than 1 minute 45 seconds / more than 2 minutes.  · If you don’t have as many points to speak about, talk slower.  · Don’t relax after your turn! Keep an attentive ear to what the other candidates are talking about.  · Write down the other students’ answers as they present their 2-minute speech (to prepare yourself for Task B) Sample answer: Candidate A Hi, a very good morning to the examiners and my fellow friends. As we are talking about how a person’s character can be influenced by another person, the persons whom I think have the most influence in a person’s life are – parents. There are three reasons why I think so. Firstly, parents are the people whom know us since birth. We become like the person whom we spend the most time with. Parents are the people whom we see every day from the moment we are born, till the day we are adults. Hence, very naturally, they become the people whom we look up to and start imitating the way they talk, act, and even think. My second reason is because parents are the first educators to their child before anybody else. Table manners and basic etiquettes are taught at home, by the parents. This gives an influence so vast that we ourselves fail to recognize it sometimes Thirdly, parents are the ones who impart values into our lives. Values are assets which we hold on to for the rest of our lives – and this is the greatest influence of all. Values are what we make our decisions upon, and it is what shapes our character.

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Lets Work for World Peace :: Graduate College Admissions Essays

Let's Work for World Peace In conducting research for an essay that I am writing on constructive approaches to the problems of war and peace, I read a short, but thought-provoking fable by an unknown author. I would like to share that story with you, as well as my idea as a possible solution for world peace. "Tell me the weight of a snowflake," a robin asked a wild dove. "Nothing more than nothing," was the answer. "In that case I must tell you a marvelous story," the robin said. "I sat on the branch of a fir, close to its trunk, when it began to snow --not heavily, not in a raging blizzard, no, just like in a dream, without any violence. Since I didn't have anything better to do, I counted the snowflakes settling on the twigs and needles of my branch. Their number was exactly 3,741,952. When the next snowflake dropped onto the branch -- nothing more than nothing, as you say --the branch broke off." Having said that the robin flew away. The dove, since Noah's time as authority on the matter, thought for awhile and finally said to herself: "Perhaps there is only one person's voice lacking for peace to come to the world." In contrast to the several books I read for my research that detailed the cost and carnage of war, this one simple story moved me to want to add my voice for world peace and to think that maybe one person can make a difference for peace to come to the world. My generation may well be the generation that brings total destruction or total peace to the world. Therefore, the United Nations should think about working together with government and educational cabinet members to put together a unified educational program in the schools of every country in the world to teach constructive approaches to resolve conflicts peacefully within the family, school, and community environments. As a student in public schools, I have learned much about the military, nuclear weapons, and war, but very little about peace. Through special program, I have had the opportunity to Send a Mouse to College, Jump Rope For Heart, Prevent Aids, Heal The Environment, Just Say No to Drugs, Tell Someone About Abuse, and be a Student Against Drunk Driving. However, I have yet to be offered any kind of compressive and educational program promoting world peace.

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Child beauty pageants Essay

One of the main issues people have with child beauty pageants is that the children’s childhood gets taken from them. Children shouldn’t be wearing fake tan, false eyelashes and make up. France is looking to ban beauty pageants for children under 16 and anyone who organises a pageant would face up to 2 years in jail and a fine of about â‚ ¬40,000. The senate in France states â€Å"If we stop child beauty pageants now, these little girls will grow up to have self-respect and respect for others too, all these pageants do is destroy their self-esteem.† People also argue that these little girls attend pageants because they enjoy it and it’s a hobby, nothing dangerous will come of it. But what harm will banning them do? Child beauty pageants should be banned because they cause little girls, to be artificial to boost their self-esteem. The parents of these children put so much stress and pressure onto these children to look and be a certain way. Beauty pageants make children believe they have to be fake to be beautiful. I feel it can completely lower a girl’s self-esteem if they don’t win. Children of such a young age shouldn’t have to be worrying about the way they look or being judged at all. When we think of beauty pageants we tend to think of the society’s idea of perfect little girls competing to see who the judges think is the most beautiful. Also, we think of crazy moms who push their children too hard and will do anything so that their child will win. All of this is true but there are more issues with beauty pageants, some that are more concerning. Beauty pageants are judged based on physical appearance, yet haven’t we always been told not to judge based on looks? They aren’t healthy for kids- they take away their childhood. Lastly, beauty pageants do not set a good example for kids; they do many things that we are told not to do. One of the largest issues that deals with Child hood beauty pageants is the problem of little children being forced to be dressed in sexualising costumes, that ruins their innocence and such. However i would like to point out that a childhood beauty pageant ranges til the age of 18 years old. A 18 year old girl is allowed to choose to do a beauty pageant and if she wishes to wear something revealing. By placing all the problems of childhood beauty pageants is seen in a brief window of a child’s younger years. What will we achieve by banning the pageants other than a huge amount of protest and disapproval? Just because showing off may not be the best thing in the world why should we ban it? It is wrong to ban something because people look up to it and think they are not as good. Most people are intelligent enough to not do crazy things when they see someone prettier than them. These shows are for entertainment anyway. It is crazy to get rid of things because some people dislike them. People that don’t like the pageants shouldn’t watch them and shouldn’t ruin the fun for others. If people want to show off and get money for it, why shouldn’t they? In the professional pageants showing off is another form of advertising anyway. We shouldn’t ban something while we still encourage other things such as the tour de France, boxing and some legal drugs. Many people enjoy watching and participating in beauty pageants. Just because some people dislike them doesn’t mean we should eradicate all pageants of all types forever. In fact lots of people like them and that is why we have them. The competitors have fun hearing the audience applaud, dressing up, showing off and hearing that they are one of the prettiest, most talented or best dressed competitors. Most of the prizes for beauty pageants are scholarships or savings for the future by banning the pageants we are depriving the talented winners of a decent prize. Beauty pageants do not involve illegal activities, unlike sports. In some sports athletes use illegal drugs to help them perform better and win. We do not ban the Tour de France even when certain people use illegal stimulants. Eddy Merks, a famous cyclist, who was a winner of the tour de France had been caught using illegal drugs 5 times, in fact huge amounts of competitors have been found doping! Do I have to even have to mention Lance Armstrong? So why should we ban beauty pageants if we don’t ban things such as the tour de France? Why should it be illegal to dress up and compete to see who looks better? It is not illegal to have or use makeup, lipstick, eyelash thickener, and fake tans.

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The Growth Of A New Standard For Accounting Services

In recent years, the amount of millennial involved in accounting services has increased tremendously. Thus forcing accounting firms and accounting services alike to change the way they operate. Furthermore, the lifestyles of millennials are allowing the accounting industry to evolve, through investing and employment. Millennials are considered to be the largest sector of the U.S workforce as of 2016. Currently, there are roughly 53 million millennials working in today’s society (Thomson, 2016). Therefore, corporations rely on their contributions to the work force and the economy; more specifically in the accounting industry. The influx of millennial investors and millennials in the accounting workforce are paving the way for a new†¦show more content†¦Offering an equal work-life balance is an appealing incentive to young accounting professionals. This may include having a 40 hour work week, allowing an individual to work from home and flexible work hours. Millennials rely on communication to thrive in the 21st century, both for personal and professional use. Firms are acknowledging that miscommunication between individual within a firm can lead to increased tension within the work environment. To discourage this, firms encourage teamwork in order open the lines of communication. This type of communication should span from an intern to a senior executive. The other form of communication commonly used by millennials is through the use of technology. Firms recommend communication among all ranks through the use of e-mail, text message, and instant messaging. This type of communication promotes familiarity and comfortability amongst co-workers of all ranks. Overall, millennials workplace preferences play a huge role in shaping the accounting industry. The need for ethical changes in the accounting industry has become increasingly pertinent in recent years. This is due to the rise of fraud in the accounting industry. In a recent survey completed by PwC(PricewaterhouseCoopers), nearly 45% of companies in the U.S suffered from some type of fraud within the past two years (Cohn, 2014). Accounting fraud can attributed to misappropriation ofShow MoreRelatedFinancial Accounting Theory, Chapter 4 Answers Essay1146 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment 4-2: Week 4 Analysis Write-Up Kylie Keener ACCT715-Q1WW Financial Accounting Theory Michael Miller 13 June 2012 1. Chapter 4:  Problem 8 (GM) The article â€Å"GM to Take Charge of $20.8-Billion† here reproduced from The Globe and Mail (February 2, 1993) describes the potential impact of SFAS 106, â€Å"Accounting for Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions,† on General Motors and Ford. For example, it appears that General Motors will be required to record a liability of $20.8 billionRead MoreInternational Financial Reporting Standards And The International Accounting Standards Board1236 Words   |  5 PagesREVENUE ACCOUNTING ASSIGNMENT 2 – BUSINESS REPORT Name : Jea Sun Lee Student Number : N9558195 Word Count : 1000 words Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5 1.0 Introduction 6 2.0. Research and Evaluation 7-8 3.0 Future Implications of adopting AASB 15 for Australian companies 9 4.0 Conclusion 10 Reference List 11-12 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are a global languageRead MoreThe Future Of Accounting Profession And The Value Of The Cpa1165 Words   |  5 PagesAccountants play an important and crucial role. In the article â€Å"The Future of the Accounting Profession and the Value of the CPA.†, illustrates the importance of accounting professional and challenges that they face. With over ten years’ experience working in the areas of finance and office management, I have personal experience with various influences in the accounting world that are discussed, topics such as the affects of technological advancements, the merits of mentoring and networkingRead MoreThe International Accounting Standards Board1411 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Accounting standards are authoritative statements intended to narrow the areas of differences and varieties in accounting practice. It is important regulatory devices of accounting. It serves as a contract template among management, creditors and investors. As companies have become more globalized, comparing financial statements has become more difficult because of different accounting rules (maxwellsci). Over 100 countries have adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) inRead MoreThe Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment1723 Words   |  7 PagesCHAPTER 1 THE CHANGING ROLE OF MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING IN A DYNAMIC BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Learning Objectives 1. Define managerial accounting and describe its role in the management process. 2. Explain four fundamental management processes that help organizations attain their goals. 3. List and describe five objectives of managerial accounting activity. 4. Explain the major differences between managerial and financial accounting. 5. Explain where managerial accountants are locatedRead MoreComparative analysis of two international companies1130 Words   |  5 PagesUniversity International Accounting for Decision Making - ACC501 April 22, 2013 Comparative Analysis of Two International Companies Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. is a leading coffee company in the United States that boasts the second largest premium coffee operation in the U.S. (Caribou, n.d.). The Frazer Group is an international food services company, based in Finland, that seeks to grow with an optimistic view on it’s already firm grasp on the food service industry (Frazer, n.d.). Read MoreLabor Market For Accountancy Accounting Essay1257 Words   |  6 PagesLabor Market for Accountancy Accounting, often called â€Å"the language of business†, is an industry that provides valuable services not only for businesses, but also for individuals. Accountants and auditors look over and analyze financial statements, prepare assessments, and ensure the numbers they work with are accurate and in accordance with governmental regulations. Although not the most exciting profession, current demand for accountants is high. According to Forbes, 61.2 percent of recent collegeRead MoreCase Study of Arthur Andersen1399 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Ethics Decision-Making Cases Write-ups Arthur Andersen: Questionable Accounting Practices Name: Wen Jiangshan Student ID:2011008274 Part I. Summary of the case Case 2 mainly introduces how Arthur Andersen, who used to be one of the â€Å"Big Five† largest accounting firms in the United States, strayed away from accepted policies and stuck in a string of accounting scandals, finally closed its doors after 90 years of business. The firm’s name was synonymous withRead MoreAccounting Structure Of Ireland : An Introduction1643 Words   |  7 PagesAccounting structure in Ireland: An Introduction The accountancy in Ireland has realized remarkable fame and achievement. In business, the professionals in the country are active as executives and managers, and members and leaders of company board. Moreover, in professional practice, the accountants handle the audit or consultancy needs of corporations, charities, and government. The resourceful profession of accountancy in Ireland shows how the field has achieved this success. Informed by itsRead MoreInternational Standards On Auditing Standards1527 Words   |  7 PagesInternational standards on auditing were set to provide guidance for audits conducted all over the world. As globalization becomes more prevalent, it is essential that these standards are set to provide guidance in the conductions of audits internationally. Even though there are international standards, each country can develop their own set of standards and adopt some of the aspects of the international standards on auditing. However, there is no requirement that the standards set in a particular